Master Your Money

Master Your Money is a go at your own pace online programme to help you master your business finances. This is course is ideal if you want to understand what you need to do in your business, how to create more structure to make your finances simple and easy to understand!

I have created this programme with you in mind, I want to help teach you some simple systems to take the FEAR out of Finance (which I lovingly refer to as FOFing up your business 🙂 ) and help you to finally get to grips with your business finances.

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Who is this programme for?

This programme is intended for business owners at either the start of their business journey or at the stage when they want to understand the numbers and make plans for the future.  It is for people who come out in a sweat at the sight of a letter from HMRC or have no idea what to do and when to do it.  Whether you have a product based or service business this course is for you if you are ready to take responsibility for your finances.

My own business journey so far has been wonderful if not bumpy and even though I do this for a profession I have been known in the past to bury my head in the sand when it comes to my business finances.  In 2008 amidst the UK recession I made the commitment to myself that I would take full responsibility for my Money, not just in my businesses but in my personal life.  I wasn’t going to blame anyone or anything ever again for the financial situation I was in.

I am not going to say it was easy in fact sometimes it was bloody painful but I took responsibility, created as much automation as possible and implemented some amazing super simple systems and processes that have ultimately helped me not only increase my wealth but feel in control of my businesses with clear direction and strategies in place.

I will be teaching you everything you need to know about managing the financial aspect of your business and giving you the tools and templates to implement straight away in your own business.  It’s really important to me that I show you how actually managing your finances can be fun, hey if Mrs Hinch can make me want to clean trust me when I say I can make you love accounting.

I am also one of a small number of Profit First Professionals in the UK and as a bonus to the outline programme you will learn how to implement this fantastic concept in your business.

What do we cover in the course?

This is a self study programme which walks you through the 6 stages of my bespoke Financial Success Path:

Module 1 – Firm Foundations

This module is all about finding out where you are at now and then creating the foundations for your financial success.  This one may hurt a little but is the most crucial stage.

Module 2 – Money Mindset

I am 100% certain that without the right mindset in place I wouldn’t have created the businesses I have now.  I have some lovely woo woo stuff in this module, with some amazing guest experts, I have packed this module full of some cool tools for you to help you get in the money management zone.

Module 3 – Fabulous Financial Planning

My favourite motto is “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Never has this been truer than when it comes to financial planning.  This is where we get down to the nitty gritty of your financial goals and then convert this into a super simple, easy to monitor projections to not only keep you on track but to make sure you have a clear pathway to these goals.

Module 4 – Marvellous Money Tracking

This is where we get to work on the systems your business needs to implement in order to manage your finances, with the introduction of Making Tax Digital in the UK, it is now essential that you know how to manage your finances in the easiest and most efficient way possible, with experts in Xero, QuickBooks and Sage we will cover the basics,  even if you have a bookkeeper it’s good to understand the software you are using and the information it can give you at the touch of a button.

Module 5 –  Controlling Your Cash Flow

This is where we get to grips with managing your cash, making sure you have enough saved for taxes and identifying any leaks in the business.  I will help you implement a simple cashflow management system to help you keep on top of this crucial part of your business.  Cash is King!

Module 6 – Taming your Taxes

Now that you have a warm feeling about managing finances and your FOF is almost banished I am going to talk to you about everyone’s favourite subject (cough cough) TAX !   I will walk you through the basics of business taxes, what expenses can be tax deductible,  when they will be due, how you report them and what your responsibilities are.

The following bonuses have been added in and will be released when you have completed the six modules.

Bonus 1- Profit First Rocket Launch Course

Everything you need to learn how to implement Profit First in your business

Bonus 2- Investing Your Money

Now that you are managing your money better you will naturally want to learn how to invest in your future, with an amazing guest expert we will be covering the basics of investing and the benefits of starting as soon as you can.

Bonus 3 – Giving Back to the World

As Entrepreneurs we have the power to make a difference in the world. In this bonus module we will be looking at ways to do this, whether you have a service or product based business, looking at all ways we can help – donations, creating foundations etc..

What will the format of the course be?

Once you have purchased Master Your Money you will receive your unique log in to our membership portal, in here you will find the course split into the 6 modules above.  Each module will be released when the previous one is completed.

You will also have access to our support desk within the membership area where you can ask any specific questions related to the module topic, you will also be invited to join our facebook group for our MYM community, here you will find some truly fabulous ladies who can support and help you on your money mastery journey.

Whats Included:

  • Welcome Gift including some amazing Rich Girls Club goodies 🙂
  • Lifetime access to all modules, bonuses and future updates.
  • All the checklists, worksheets and templates you need.
  • A template for setting up your financial system in Asana or Trello
  • Private facebook group where you can be open and honest and gain support from the community

We run a live version of Master Your Money which is done over a 12 week period and includes full bespoke support from us.

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