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Over the years I’ve owned multiple successful businesses, from retail shops to my accountancy and bookkeeping practice of over 18 years. One thing that I attribute to those successes is my passion for relationship building. With my staff, my clients and other business owners. Collaboration over competition wins every time.

By the age of 28 I had 18 members of staff within my businesses, it felt like an immense responsibility at a young age and looking back now, I think to myself what do I even know about business then!!!!  One thing I knew was that I cared very much about my team, their well being and the culture within my business. It’s one I’m very proud of. I’m lucky that I’ve had very few bad experiences over the years.

One thing I have always invested the most amount in, more than any marketing or sales promotion, is my team. I’ve worked hard to create that real team culture, my girls now are all very close. We don’t have to try too hard, it’s all been very organic.

As for clients, when the recession hit I made a huge decision that I would help my clients in any way that I could. It impacted me financially, I often worked for free but in the long run, it’s paid off as almost all of those clients are still with me today.

Thirdly, other business owners. They aren’t a threat. I see room at the table for everyone, we all bring something different, even in the same sector everyone has their own unique style or approach. I am confident in what I do, the services that I can provide and the value that I can bring.

My point here is, when it comes to your business, however, it might look for you, work on building fantastic relationships. I always say people buy from people. You could have the best product or an amazing service available but it’s that relationship that you cultivate that builds long lasting, firm foundations for your business to grow from. If you can master the art of relationship building, I believe your business will succeed.

Until next time,

Love and high vibes

Jo ❤️ xx

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