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Last week I shared some information with you about checking in with yourself to see how you feel about your relationship with money. If you haven’t had a chance, skip back to my previous posts. I would like you to go back to the part where I asked you to write down your current feelings about your relationship with money. These feelings make up part of your money story. Are there any negatives? If so, these are what we call limiting beliefs. It might go something like…..

“ I’m not good at managing my business finances, I just don’t understand them”.

You may have a list of one or two or a whole page of them, either way, it’s these limiting beliefs stacked together that have created a negative money mindset. 

Often our limiting beliefs are rooted deep in our subconscious mind and you have to take some time to think about why you believe them. I would encourage you to take some notes here, jot them down in your “bossing your business finance” notebook I mentioned in my last post. Have your beliefs held you back? Have you ever passed on an opportunity because of your belief? Or, can you think of a time where these money stories have actually protected you and helped you make a positive decision?

Try really hard to challenge your thinking, look for evidence, not just the “what ifs” as these money stories could be the key to what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential. 

There are some really simple ways that you can work on changing your money mindset. Notice I said “work”. You have to be consistent and keep working at it. It won’t just happen overnight. 

There are many different things you can do to work on your money mindset but I’m sharing with you a simple strategy that you can implement straight away. I want you to take your limiting belief and swap it for a positive mantra. Using the example above, this would be my positive money mantra.

“I am an excellent money manager. I am committed to learning what I need to help me understand my business finances”.

“I can’t control how much money I earn” >>> “I create my own life and am constantly taking steps to make it what I want. 

“Money can’t buy happiness” >>> “Money is a tool to allow me the freedom to do things in life that I really love”.

It’s these positive money mantras that will help flip your money mindset. 

So for every limiting belief that you had written down, I want you to swap it out for a positive money mantra. Make them POWERFUL!

Now you have your mantras, you need to release them into the world! That may sound a little bit woowoo for some of you but please trust me. I have seen amazing things happen when you start focusing your energy on what you want to attract into your life. 

You need to keep them in the front of your mind. You could do this by writing them down in a journal every day. Stick them on a post-it note on your desk. Make it your laptop or phone wallpaper. 

You need to live and breathe your mantras. Say them out loud. Every single day. You need to believe that they are true. By doing this, by working on them, your energy will shift from one of scarcity to one of abundance and positivity. 

You will have setbacks. Remember, progress over perfection. These limiting beliefs your changing may be years and years old. It takes time, but stick with it, stay consistent and I promise you will see results. 

You can apply this method to any aspect of your life. Not just your business finance but hey’s that’s what we’re here to talk about and I want nothing more than you to succeed in your biz! You got this girl!!

Until next time

Jo ❤️ xx


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