If you’re recording expenses, income, invoices and IOUs in a ton of different places…

If you’re never quite sure why your bank balance isn’t reflecting the income you KNOW your business brought in last month….

If it’s hard to plan for the future because you can’t predict your cash flow..

I can help.

Stop asking Google and your Facebook contacts how to manage your business finances.

I’m the only money friend you need.

Bespoke Business Money Makeover

Take your business to the next growth stage with a bespoke financial reporting system, including projections, a short-term business plan, and a financial road map for the coming months.

I will get your business finances back on track and help you keep them that way.

We’ll work together over four video chat sessions, covering:

Sales & Revenue

Let’s make it easy to track all your income, and analyse where your money is coming from. Plus we will review potential new income streams to help you grow your business in the coming months.

Costs & Overheads

We’ll record all your expenses in once place, and set up a system to make it easy for you to do this in the future. Then we’ll use these figures to analyse what it costs you to produce, market and deliver your product and/or services currently and look at options for reducing these expenses where possible.

Systems and Processes

Share your current businesses systems with me (no matter how clunky) and together we can create a more time and energy efficient way of managing your business finances.

Financial Planning

Tell me your business goals, and I’ll turn them into a set of profit projections so you can see what income you’re aiming for, what you’re cash flow will look like, and monitor how well your business is performing.

Ahead of each session there’s a little homework for you. I will send you a workbook to gather the information we’ll need for the session, so we’ll both be able to get the most out of our time together.

After four weeks you will have:

  • A business plan in a useable format with targeted goals and financial projections.
  • A complete a financial picture of where your business is currently.
  • A financial road map to help you meet your financial goals.
  • Efficient easy-to-use bookkeeping guidelines and procedures that you know how to manage


Q: Jo – your in the UK. I’m not. Does that matter?

A: I only work with businesses who are registered or based in the UK for accounting purposes. If you are registered/based in the UK but you trade outside of the UK (you sell to people overseas) that’s fine.

Q: Will you need to see my financial records? Which ones? How should I send them to you?

A: Yes, I will need to see your previous years full accounts and if possible have access to your current financials so you get the most from our sessions. I will send you a secure link so you can share these with me when we get started.

Q: How long will the calls last?

A: Each call will last 1 hour, however I will ask that you allow 2.5 hours time for each call as there will be some work to do either side and depending on what your priority area is certain calls may last longer that others.

Q: Do they have to be spaced one week apart? Is there any flexibility in the schedule?

A: Yes, we can be flexible. Some people prefer to space their calls out, others prefer to have them closer together. There is also the option to have a full day with me or two half days depending on your location.

Q: What documents will I have at the end of the process?

A: At the end of our time together you will have everything you need to understand where your business is now, and how to grow it in the way you intend, including –

  • A set of profit & loss projections for the coming 12 months
  • A comparison spreadsheet where you can input actual figures versus the targets we forecast
  • Guidelines for updating the projections template so you can use this as a working document as your business grows or if there are any changes.
  • A document to remind you of the targeted actions we agreed you need to take, so you can achieve your financial goals.
  • A road map detailing guidelines for managing your finances.

Don’t see your question here?

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