Hey! Let me introduce myself properly, my name is Jo, I am a bookkeeper, numberista and multiple business juggler and I want to help you grow your empire by vanquishing your fear of all things financial.

Since setting up my Business Consultancy practice in 2002 I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create and scale their businesses to provide financial security for not only their business but for them personally.

My passion is to support female entrepreneurs to overcome their fear of finance, learn how to take the numbers in their stride, create financial reports that give them the key information they need to make smart, strategic decisions that can grow or manage their business based on their individual goals.

Helping enterprises to survive and thrive through the recession of 2008 and other financially challenging times has enabled me to create solid financial systems and processes that accommodate the lifestyle and goals of the Entrepreneur, helping one man bands turn into multi-location operations and supporting independent females create a business that is flexible to work around their families and commitments.

I have taken all of that expertise, wisdom and knowledge to create a six stage financial success path that I have made available in a range of courses and a members club for female entrepreneurs.

Business should be fun,  you should love the freedom, flexibility and financial security it gives you to make your own decisions and design your own life!  I want you to be able to do what you want to do with your money, investing in your future and giving back to the world where you can.

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